Effective online roulette strategy: The principle of Fibonacci numbers

Effective online roulette strategy

In roulette, this effective strategy of the game has been used for a long time. Many people note that it works many times better than all sorts of alternatives. The method of the game itself is built on the principle of the Fibonacci numbers (Italian scientist, who was also known as Leonardo of Pisa). 

The genius was able to derive a particular sequence, which is now one of the key mathematics and is actively used in many related areas.

The essence of the sequence is that each of the following numbers is the sum of the previous two. 0,1, 1,2,3,5,8, 13, etc. The sequence has no end.

How to use online roulette?

Lovers of gambling, well versed in mathematics, often use this trick in sessions. They simply follow a simple scheme:

  • Out of the available betting options in online roulette, it is necessary to choose the one in which there is a 50% chance of winning. 
  • That is, either even/even or red/black. With other options, the Fibonacci rows will not work.

Betting is done with one chip

  • If you lose, you must use the number of chips that equals the next number. That is, one chip.
  • In the future it is necessary to take as many chips as correspond to the next number in the row for each loss.

When the ball hits the right sector and provides a win, you have to roll back two steps. For example, when a player has played a bet of eight chips, the next bet will be three chips.

Important: The strategy does not always work one hundred percent. Of course, luck sometimes turns away and you have to play at a loss. But still Fibonacci Rows – this is one of the most working strategies in online roulette.

Positional tactics

There is a whole book written about this strategy and to understand it, you just need to read the manuscript. However, no one has ever translated it from English into Russian, so we will focus on what is written by experienced players.

  • Firstly, when playing with this strategy, it will be necessary to bet on one or two numeric sets. 
  • In each of the rows will be only four numbers.
  • The player himself can determine how many sets he needs to take. Initially, this will not affect the outcome in any way.

The numbers in the set must be of the same color. That is, either red or black. In this case, they must go either counter-clockwise or clockwise.


  • According to this technique, cells with “zero” in mind should be colored either black or red. 
  • The green shade will not be involved here. 
  • But it is best, though, to exclude “zeros” from the set. 
  • If you still want to do it for some reason, you can not put it in the middle, let it go, either at the end, or at the beginning. 
  • Otherwise, it will harm the strategy.

This effective strategy of the game works on any kind of online roulette. For example, on the European. Suppose the player decides to stop in the counterclockwise direction and his first set looks like numbers 10,8, 11, 13. To determine the color of the numbers, it is necessary to be guided by the last number, which turned out to be the winning one. For example, if a person has a black number and wins, then his next bet should also be black.

One should not take the winning numbers that the other person bet on. It is also advisable to exclude those numbers that never fell out during the last 38 spins.

In order to test these strategies in practice, you can try to play a demo version of online roulette. This will give the opportunity to make sure that the methods are quite working.

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