Betting on E-Sport: how to put all the odds on your side

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People have always been prone to various games and excitement – it is our common essence, and now games and shows occupy a serious niche in our lives. Some of us like to watch soccer, some like basketball, and some like cybersports – everyone has a sport, an activity we like, a team or player we care about. What could be cooler than supporting your team at major competitions? Bet on your favorite team via the 22 Bet, boost your adrenaline, and experience even more emotions. Win together with your idols. Or on the contrary – are you an expert in eSports? Beat the bookie, putting aside emotions and including a cold calculation – we have all the information you need.

The best bookmakers to bet on e-sports

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E-sport appeared in the 1980s but took a long time to become more professional and to be recognized by the general public as a discipline in its own right. However, this sport has finally become more democratic since the 2000s and you now have the opportunity to bet on the biggest competitions. If you intend to place sports bets on this discipline on a regular basis, you should therefore check the catalog of each bookmaker before making your choice.

Similarly, it is best to refer you to sports betting sites that are truly specialized in e-sport. To start with, this will allow you to take advantage of the highest odds on the market and to use every type of betting possible and imaginable. You will also benefit from several bonuses offered during the biggest competitions of the season, such as free bets and deposit bonuses. You will also be able to consult detailed statistics on the teams involved and on the players in contention in order to better prepare your sports bets. Finally, cash out and live bets will be eligible on e-sport if you choose a bookmaker specialized in this field, which is obviously a significant advantage.

How to bet on e-sport?

E-sport is a relatively recent discipline, so it is not uncommon for punters to experience some difficulties when placing their bets online. Here are a few steps to take to make things right!

1 – Understanding e-sport

For those who haven’t experienced the joys of Sega’s Super Nintendo and Mega Drive, electronic sports may seem like a fringe activity, but it’s not! E-Sport, which is quite simply the organization of competition between teams of professional players, has a growing number of followers. It is estimated that nearly 30 million Internet users follow the performances of the world’s best players on streaming platforms such as Youtube or Twitch. Competitions are also followed in specially equipped stadiums by thousands of spectators. The last E-Sport competition brought together in an arena nearly 40,000 fans of the discipline.

2 – Focus on certain games

If you dream of becoming a pro E-Sport player by playing Final Fantasy, GTA or Hitman, you’ll have to rethink your ambitions. Indeed, only a few games are subject to competition. If in the 90s, the star game of E-Sport was Starcraft, the titles played today are shooting games and arena fighting games. Among the flagship games are Call of Duty, League of Legends, Hearthstone, DOTA 2, Counter Strike or Fifa.

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