Bets on individual player totals

Bets on individual player totals

What is it and what does it mean?

Bets on individual totals are mainly common in competitive sports such as soccer, hockey, and basketball. And there are a number of different features for each sport. Basically, such bets are given by bookmakers as special and offered in the listings of the most important competitions such as the Champions League, world championships, and other high-level tournaments. These bets are available in the line of serious European bookmakers who make their own list of events, rather than blindly copying it from their colleagues.

Features of betting on the individual total in soccer

Features of betting

In soccer, betting on individual totals comes down to answering the bookmakers’ question: will a particular player manage to score a goal in the match? And it is not always possible to bet on absolutely any player of a particular team, sometimes the list presented in the line is limited to the names of the most scoring players. Sometimes it is possible to make the opposite bet, on the fact that the player will not be able to score a goal in the match.

Bets on individual player totals

  • So what is the principle of choosing your goal scorer? Of course, first and foremost, you need to proceed from the pre-match layout for the team itself. If Rubin plays away against Barcelona, no matter how scoring Roman Adamov is, betting on his goal in this match will not be advisable.
  • Of course, we should also take into account the player’s performance. And you need to keep track of how many matches of the season the player has scored in. Sometimes there are goalscorers who score a few hat-tricks against underdogs, and just keep quiet in all other matches.
  • A very important aspect is the player’s motivation. For example, if he plays against his former team, the chances that this person will be able to make a difference multiply. It would be a good idea to look at the lines of several bookmakers, to find out how other bookmakers rate the chances of a goal for this player, and to determine whether there is a difference in opinion among the bookmakers.

Bets on basketball and hockey players

Bets on individual totals in hockey and basketball are slightly different from soccer. This is especially evident in betting on hockey players. First of all, you need to keep in mind that any point scored by a player counts, meaning both goals scored and assists. Therefore, very often the leading players are offered a total not 0.5, but 1.5. This practice is especially common in the NHL betting line.

As for basketball, here the bets can be taken both on the number of points scored by a player and on the number of rebounds and assists, depending on his position on the basketball court. When it comes to scoring, you should keep an eye on your player’s production throughout the season, as well as the amount of playing time the coach gives him.

Otherwise, by and large, betting on footballers, hockey players and basketball players has a lot in common. As a rule, it all depends on the teams’ chances, motivation and performance of the player.

Conclusion on betting on individual totals


For bets on individual totals, bookmakers usually do not offer high maximums. In some cases, this is due to their concerns about the integrity of a particular player. But this young direction of betting seems very, very promising. Another thing is that here a lot depends on chance, since the fate of the bet is decided by one particular person. Therefore, it is not worth risking large capitals, let alone the entire bank of gambling.

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